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J. J. Keller Compliance Tablet™

The simplest way to get started with ELogs.

J. J. Keller® ELogs will help you prepare now for the ELD final rule—Our solutions are simple, flexible and affordable!

  • All inclusive package includes Compliance Tablet™ for drivers, ELD/EOBR hardware for the vehicles, and back office Encompass options. Our ELD/EOBR is compatible with all vehicle classes!
  • Crisp 8-inch screen
  • Fully supported by J. J. Keller with the ability to remotely access the device for technical support and troubleshooting.
  • Compliance Tablet™ replaces in-cab paperwork, reducing driver burden, streamlining workflow and improving CSA scores.
  • Optional ALK Co-Pilot Truck Add-On to give driver:
    • Millions of Points of Interest (POIs) including truck-specific categories: truck services, truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations and CAT Scales
    • Optimize routes by reordering up to 50 stops
    • Lane indicator arrows, exit sign info and realistic ClearTurn view make highway exits and interchanges simple to navigate
    • Customizable dimensions (height, length, width, axle and weight) for optimal routing
    • Clear 2D, 3D and Directions-only driver safety guidance views
    • Load specific routing including 30 different Hazmat classes and categories
    • Detailed voice instruction
    • Speed Limit Display
    • ALK CoPilot operates side-by-side with Encompass
  • Saves you the legwork of securing compatible devices and data plans
  • Affordable initial hardware investment. Less than $600 for the Compliance Tablet™ and your ELD/EOBR.
  • Company-owned devices can be dedicated to a vehicle, always available for your drivers.
  • Tablets are locked down, so your drivers can't run non-approved applications.
  • Easily hand tablets to enforcement officers for inspections.
  • Toggle to "Roadside Inspection" mode to display last 7 days of logs.
  • Compatible with all vehicle classes — monitor all driver hours-of-service with one system.
  • Drivers restricted from interacting with tablet while vehicle is in motion.
  • Data gets fed to the cloud-based back office Encompass system for fleet managers to do reporting, tracking and analysis. Encompass includes a full compliance dashboard for managing much more than hours-of-service, and is compatible with iPad®, iPhone® and Android mobile devices.
  • Updates on the fly — J. J. Keller® ELD solution will be compliant with new rules, requiring only minor software updates. No costly hardware swap outs are needed!
Tablet, Dashboard, EOBR/ELD
Electronic Logs

Electronic Logs

Instant Hours Available

Instant Hours Available

Electronic DVIRs

Electronic DVIRs

Clean, easy to understand screens for drivers — in a single touch.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Encompass integrates with numerous mobile devices. If some of your drivers already have compatible Android devices, you can leverage your existing investment to improve compliance. You can have some drivers using their own devices, and others using the Compliance Tablet™.

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