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E-Logs Edition

This edition of Encompass® is for fleets that want to focus on hours-of-service compliance, which is the most commonly cited violation at DOT roadside inspections. This is the most economical option to automate E-Logs.

Features & Functions Included:

HOS & DVIR Management

  • Manual log entry and auditing — fleet administrators can key–in duty status documents and instantly see compliance levels.
  • Electronic logs — for vehicles and drivers equipped with hardware, there's no longer a need to complete paper forms. Drivers download the KellerMobile™ app to their smartphone or laptop to record the duty status, and this information is stored in Encompass for fleet management to see compliance levels.
  • Manual DVIR entry — fleet administrators can key Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports into Encompass, and view any gaps in maintenance areas.
  • Electronic DVIRs — for vehicles and drivers equipped with hardware, DVIRs can be completed by the driver as he/she walks around the vehicle with an Encompass compatible mobile device.
  • Driver & Vehicle Listing — Fleet management always has a snapshot report of all drivers and vehicles in their pool.
  • Rule Sets — Unique state and industry rule sets including U.S. Oil Field, Texas, Canadian Federal and more.

Other Features

  • Dashboard Alerts — Online alerts appear for all editions. Have immediate visibility to areas of compliance, safety and operations that require attention. Any alerts can be automatically emailed to key employees
  • Reporting — Reporting templates with customization based on company locations, driver & unit types, and more
  • Learning Center — A library of information covering system and regulatory areas. Includes webcasts, documents, regulations.

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